World Book Day quiz: 20 questions to test your knowledge of literature

Do you call a bookworm?

Now is the time to put your knowledge to the test.

For World Book Day, we have prepared a quiz of 20 literary questions to test your knowledge of novels.

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It covers everything from Bronte at Walliams.

Let us know your scores in the comments and before you cheat, remember that you are only hurting yourself!


1. What is the name of the second Harry Potter book?

2. What prolific American author wrote That, the shine and the misery?

3. Which author, wife of a famous poet, wrote Frankenstein?

4. Which of the Brontë sisters wrote The Wuthering Heights?

5. Which Dickens character says “Please, sir, I want more”

6. Which four children enter the Wonka Factory with Charlie Bucket?

7. What neighborhood does Katniss Everdeen live in? The hunger Games?

8. Which author created Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn?

9. What is the fictional address of Harry Potter (and the Dursleys)?

10. Which author wrote The Canterbury Tales?

11. Mr Stink is written by which author?

12. How many Harry Potter books are there altogether?

13. Who is the youngest of the March sisters of Little woman?

14. “It’s elementary”: What is the name of the famous sidekick of Sherlock Holmes?

15. Who is Charlotte weaving her web for? Charlotte’s web?

16. Who came for tea?

17. Who Wrote One thousand nine hundred and eighty four?

18. What “child” is author Jeff Kinney famous for creating?

19. How many books has Lewis Carroll written inspired by Alice Liddell?

20. Where Was The Wuthering Heights together?


1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

2.Stephen King

3. Mary Shelley

4. Emily

5. Olivier Twist

6. Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregard and Mike Teevee

7. Borough 12

8. Mark Twain

9. 4 Privet Drive

10. Geoffrey Chaucer

11. David Walliams


13. Amy

14. Doctor Watson

15. Wilbur the Pig

16. The Tiger

17. George Orwell

18. Wimpy Kid

19. Two: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and on the other side of the mirror

20. Yorkshire

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