“Watercolor Paintings on Glass” on display at Withers Library branch | Community life


LIBERTY – Like the former Liberty Library branch before, the Withers branch, 1665 S. Withers Road, of the Mid-Continent Public Library System, has a space available for works of art.

Inside the branch’s community programs room, there is a wall with specially installed equipment to display community artwork, according to a press release.

The first exhibit in the new building is now in place and is titled “Watercolor Paintings on Glass,” created by Carol Duncan Grimm, staff member of the MCPL Withers branch. This show will remain in place until the end of the year.

According to the artist’s statement from Grimm, “The paintings in this exhibition are about four years of learning. When I look at the results and think back to each other’s painting experience, I think about what I I learned. My watercolor skills in the early days were pretty slim, but imposing a subject such as glassware seemed ridiculous. How do you paint delicate crystal and glassware? Then I found the watercolor book “Stunning Crystal & Glass “by Joyce Roletto Faulknor. This author taught me the simple concepts of painting forms and values ​​as you observe reflections and refractions in glassware.

“It took time and patience to focus only on the ‘pieces of the puzzle’, but periodically I would pull back for a wider view and could see the light moving through the painting. And slowly, which took shape was sparkling glass. Each viewer will see their own painting with their own eyes. I hope the daily components of flowers, fruits and fabrics will draw the viewer to the painting and then see what the light does in a piece of glass. “

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