Volunteers help Rotary paint the park fence at Grover Beach

A rusting fence surrounding a park in Grover Beach hadn’t been fully painted since 1985. Community members volunteered to help change that on Saturday.

The Town of Grover Beach and the town’s Rotary Club hosted a wrap-up painting event at Mentone Basin Park from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. About 40 community members volunteered, including families, city employees and members of four local Rotary clubs.

Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee said the Rotary Club approached the town to set up a community service project. Grover Beach Rotary Club president Bob Perrault called it the “first major project” they’ve held in the community since the pandemic halted events.

“Community service is about families, and it’s really an opportunity for the community to get back together,” Lee said. “So with that we can be outside and we can have fun. And I hope that the younger generation can see the service done by the older generation and somehow continue this work forever.

Grover Beach resident Hillary Chargualaf, who lives next to the park, has volunteered with her mother, grandmother and two children, Ellie and Troy.

“It’s our park here – we bring our dogs here, we throw the ball and all that,” Chargualaf said. “So it’s good for kids to go out into the community, you know what I mean? Give them something to do.

Grover Beach Rotary provided a hot dog barbecue lunch for volunteers after painting.

“Maybe that’s what draws us in,” Chargualaf said.

Rotary Club services director Juan Carlos Herrera said they used 10 gallons of rust-proofing paint on Saturday, with all supplies paid for by the city.

Parks and Recreation Director Kathy Petker told the Tribune the goal is to paint at least half of the fence on Saturday, but the work will take another day.

“The fence really needed some love and painting,” Petker said. “The idea was to bring people together, safely outdoors, to be productive, and to come up with an absolutely beautiful, neighborhood-beautifying park project. And people are in a good mood.

Perrault said the club is always looking for new members. It meets every other Wednesday at noon at the Mason Bar & Kitchen.

“We are a small Rotary club. We are only 18 members ourselves,” Perrault said. “It’s quite an undertaking for us.”

This story was originally published February 5, 2022 1:48 p.m.

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