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The Carthage Fire Department is working to give a new coat of paint to all fire hydrants in the city and, in partnership with the Rotary club, they are asking for help from the community.

“It has been many years since most of our hydrants have been painted, so the fire department and some part-time municipal workers began this project by repainting the hydrants over the course of the year. ‘summer,’ said Fire Marshal Randy Lietke. “We used part-time help and, along with the firefighters on duty, painted about 125 fire hydrants across town. We’ve tried to get everyone in and out of the main streets of Carthage, all of our main thoroughfares, and then the plan is to expand into the neighborhoods. “

But firefighters have yet to tackle the rest of the city’s standpipes – there are around 550. When the Rotary Club of Carthage heard about this, they decided it would be a big one. community project. Several Rotary members have adopted fire hydrants for painting, and they encourage the rest of the community to get involved and help.

“It’s a good project to remind us of fire safety as the holidays and the cold weather approach,” said Keri Vance, president of The Rotary Foundation. “Sometimes we start to forget about heater safety and cooking safety, so I think it’s a good way to put fire prevention at the top of our list. Painting a fire hydrant reminds us of this.

Painting hydrants makes them easier to see for firefighters on duty, Liedtke said, especially when it is dark.

“We chose to paint the hydrants with the red barrels and the reflective white caps or caps,” he said. “Bright white makes it easier for us to see at night, and of course red makes it easier for us to see during the day. In addition, these are the colors of our community, red and white are the colors of Carthage, so we do that …

“People have asked us to paint hydrants like a Dalmatian dog or something cute, and we understand that it looks neat and it’s a good deal, but we’re really aiming for consistency, in trying to match everything up and all the same for all the fire hydrants around town, that’s what we do.

All fire hydrants have a four-digit number that identifies them. Liedtke said once these bollards are painted, firefighters will take the numbers, enter them into their software and mark them as painted.

“So we kind of keep track of what the city’s standpipes were painted,” he said. “There are just under 550 hydrants in the city of Carthage, so for our firefighters on duty to do it, it just takes a tremendous amount of time to get to all of them, so this is a great opportunity. for the community. to get involved and participate.

Those interested in painting fire hydrants can do as much or as little as they like. Individuals can do this, and people can also come together in groups. People can paint a single hydrant or as many as they like. Vance said the Rotary Club is working on planning a few group paintings, and everyone is welcome to join the Rotary team in painting the hydrants.

If you would like to adopt a fire hydrant or paintable hydrants, email [email protected] or call the Carthage Fire Department at (903) 693-5282. They will provide all the materials and instructions for painting the standpipes. Volunteers should register with Rotary or CFD before painting.

“The fire department is a pillar of our community and we want to support them,” said Vance. “There are a lot of volunteers who give of their time, and it’s a way for the community to volunteer and give them time back.

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