UNI announces Living hub Hub – Architecture competition 2022

Cover image of the competition.

The competition offers an affordable UK design challenge – the idea can still multiply in various fields. The idea is to design modular housing on a budget to increase the housing stock that people can afford.

An international architectural design competition platform UNI.xyz seeks inspiring concepts that will rethink sustainable housing that will overcome the UK housing crisis

UNI is organizing a competition based on a living pole – a challenge that invites architects, designers and space enthusiasts. The idea is to create affordable housing for the homeless with their needs at an affordable price.

There are various reasons why the housing crisis exists all over the world. But what is common to all is the fact that they are unaffordable. The basic requirement of a shelter is often unaffordable to millions around the world. People either stay in small temporary houses or in the streets where nothing is provided to them. This has been observed in the best of cities in developing countries.

The United Kingdom is one of the many names that one hears when there is a list of places where the the cost of living is very high; which is not possible for everyone to meet and causes a large number of homeless people in the middle of a well-developed city.

In the UK itself, it is estimated that around one million people now reside on roadsides and in public spaces. People cannot afford the cost of living in the big cities. And they have no other choice but to take to the streets. There are fewer mid-level dwellings that provide refuge for these people at a lower cost. And as no action is taken, this problem worsens to a considerable level and is expected to increase as more people migrate.

The challenge is to create an affordable housing design that provides people with a basic living facility for people. The design aims to provide the basic spaces necessary for survival in the city. Along with other necessary spaces which are accommodated in the affordable price range.

“In this competition, the issue of homelessness is much more complicated due to several layers of societies involved in this issue. However, the aim of this challenge is to generate reflection and create solution-focused dialogues using the competition of ideas as a vehicle, ”says the UNI Conservation Committee.

The organizers ask participants to explore how can we provide housing at the basic level required to function and live? What building materials and technologies to choose for affordable housing for large numbers of people in this economic group? What kind of spaces contribute to the multiplicity of prototypes in various fields as needed under such financially limited conditions? How can broader socio-cultural, economic and environmental concerns be addressed in this design approach?

Applications will be reviewed by several professionals in the field of architecture, including Luke Tozer by Pitman Tozer Architects.

The top three designs will receive cash prizes of $ 6,000 (first prize); $ 1,400 (second prize); and $ 600 (third prize) and special mentions will be awarded with $ 600. For exact prizes and winnings, see the contest grants page. Submissions for the Living Hub Design Competition close March 17, 2022, 8:30 p.m. GMT + 5:30 a.m.

More information on: https://uni.xyz/competitions/living-hub/info/about

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