The sculpture studio with a high-brightness LG screen

In 10 years, renowned sculptor Barry X Ball has designed, built and outfitted one of the most technologically advanced art production facilities in New York City.

Housed in a sprawling studio on the ground floor in Brooklyn, Ball and his team use modern tools and techniques, including digital modeling, 3D scanning and 3D printing, to create detailed sculptures that each require up to to 10,000 hours of manual labour.

After acknowledging that many passers-by were trying to peek through the windows to see what was inside the building, Ball opted to connect more directly with the local community by installing a digital screen 49-inch high-brightness LG exterior (model 49XE4F) on the building facade to expose workshop work and processes to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even in direct sunlight.

“I have a mix of stills and videos of my sculptures and their making processes playing every minute of every day on outdoor display,” Ball explained, “resulting in a significant increase in positive feedback and questions. from the busy cacophony of residents, visitors and local professionals who frequent Williamsburg/Greenpoint for jobs and pursuits related to creative design, art, film, photography and fashion. sharing my work and the work of my team with the local community in a more direct way, and it adds to the experience of visiting here without expressly advertising my name or my sales – the art itself is the point.

Ball turned to LG to provide an artful display solution that excels at presenting detailed, high-brightness images in sunny conditions without glare, which the 4,000 nits screen and coating anti-reflective handle easily. The end result is an attractive and meaningful addition to the arts district and community.

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