The chief painter

The Witch Post 9am, pt. 2The Witching Post is hosting an art exhibit later today. We’ll meet artist Whitney Lofrano and learn about his show, “He’s Not Your Dad: A Show About Ancestry and Other Things I’ve Learned During the Pandemic.

Overnight Oats, 9am Pt. 1Oats Overnight sent us their product so we explain it and we’ll choose our flavors and add milk. We’ll leave it in the fridge and try tomorrow!

The Witch Post 9am, pt. 1The Witching Post is a large-scale interior design studio and specialty furniture store. Molly Riehl stopped by to learn more about the company, tour the studio, and learn about interior design trends!

Galentine Floral Workshop5 Daughters Design is hosting a floral workshop at Well Coffee House in Stockton. Big Al Sams was there live!

New Parent’s GuideChristine Lusita, TV health and lifestyle expert and author of the best-selling book “The Right Fit Formula,” joined us via Zoom to talk about CES’ latest smart baby, top-rated safety picks for 2022 and items that make parenting MUCH easier and more convenient.

Michael Marks, 8 a.m.Michael Marks is in Texas to show us healthy snacks for Valentine’s Day!

The Chief Painter, 8 a.m.Molly Riehl showed us the art of Chef Patrick Prager now we can see his food!

Michael Marks, 7 a.m.Michael Marks was in Texas to gather the right ingredients for guacamole and healthy snacks.

The chief painterPatrick Prager is known as the executive chef of Revival at the Sawyer, but he’s starting to make a name for himself in another genre of art: painting! Molly Riehl was there live to see his art and hear how he got started painting.

Keep the momentumA Stockton entrepreneur’s passion for health has sparked a new lifestyle change and a new health and juice business!

CBS13 AM News Update 2/12/22Here’s your latest weather and news update from Jordan Segundo and Ashley Williams.

We’re just curious – 2/12Would you rather never eat a hot meal or drink a cold drink again?

Question of the day / Friday dance party – 2/11We close the work week with Courtney’s question of the day: What is one of your goals? Everyone answers, then we dance until the weekend! Have a great weekend, we appreciate you hanging out with us today! Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 7am for Good Day Weekend!

Just Win Baby Picks The Big Game!Well, the football season ends this Sunday, with a kind of super game. Johnny the Serbian and the Just Win Baby have given us their choices all season, and have had great success! Today, they conclude the season and choose the big game!

Lodi Salvation Army honors first responders!Today, Lodi Salvation Army is providing lunch and dessert, along with party balloons, to each of Lodi’s four fire stations, Lodi Police Department, and Woodbridge Fire Stations! They join Courtney to tell us more!

Valentine’s Day Dinner at Polanco CantinaHow about a Valentine’s Day dinner at DOCO? Big Al is at Polanco Cantina in the Downtown Commons, check out the menu!

Thrift stores for Valentine’s Day at Goodwill!“The Dress Fiend” Phoebe Verkouw joins Courtney from West Sacramento Goodwill, showing us some great finds for Valentine’s Day!

Good day rewind – 2/11Here’s where you can catch up on what you might have missed during today’s show…it’s the Good Day Rewind!

Trivia Toast – 2/11Courtney is here with a slice of Trivia Toast! Today, we are talking about reptiles!

Thrift stores for Valentine’s Day at Goodwill With the Dress Fiend!There are all kinds of Valentine’s Day finds at Goodwill! Phoebe Verkouw, “The Dress Fiend”, joins Courtney with some great finds!

Thefts of Girl Scout cookies and wine from Vine & GrainVine and Grain at DOCO offers sweet and sensational treats for that special someone! Big Al is here. check out a girl scout biscuit wine stealing deal!

Ship and Shop for Valentine’s Day at Warehouse CreativeWarehouse Creative in Old Sacramento is hosting a “Besties Sip & Shop” Valentine’s Day weekend. They join 10-15 other Old Sac businesses to offer a unique shopping experience where you can enjoy a glass of wine while exploring the store! Julissa is checking!

Houseplant extravaganza at Green Acres!Spend the weekend looking for the houseplant you’ve been dreaming of! Our resident mom, Lori Wallace, is at Green Acres in Auburn to find the perfect plant!

Show and Tell – 2/11It’s time for a Friday show and tell! John thinks if Snoop, Dr. Dre and Eminem can perform at Super Bowl halftime, why not the Wu-Tang Clan? Wu-Tang is for kids, after all! John started a petition on, good luck!

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