The 6 Best Online Enterprise Architecture Courses To Consider For 2021


The editors of Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best enterprise architecture courses to consider.

SR Find 106Enterprise architecture is a discipline for leading a proactive business response to disruption. The process involves identifying and analyzing the execution of the change to align itself more with the desired business outcomes. Enterprise Architecture helps organizations define, organize, standardize, and document their entire architecture and all important elements. It covers areas such as business, digital or physical and how each area relates to the next, including processes, functions, applications, events, data or technology.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best enterprise architecture courses and online training courses to consider if you’re looking to develop your business process management skills for work or play. This is not an exhaustive list, but a list that features the best enterprise architecture courses and training from trusted online platforms. This list of the best enterprise architecture courses below includes links to the modules and our take on each.

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The best enterprise architecture courses

TITLE: Enterprise architecture

OUR OPINION : By the end of this entry-level Coursera training, you will have the knowledge necessary to lead the development of the business with a view to technology. It takes around 12 hours to complete, although there are a few prerequisites.

Platform: Coursera

The description: This course will increase your management skills to a dramatically new level, providing a framework for coordinating different aspects of the business. The Enterprise Architecture course will give you a powerful tool based on a global standard for creating, implementing and evolving your own management style. This course is recommended for various specialists who associate their career with the concepts of enterprise architecture.


TITLE: Introduction to enterprise architecture

OUR OPINION : This self-paced, introductory business management course includes 4 weeks of content. It will aim to clarify the parts and interactions of a business by mapping its operations.

Platform: edX

The description: In this course, you will learn the concepts of mapping an enterprise architecture using the representative methodology called DEMO (Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations) as explained in the book, Corporate ontology.


TITLE: IT fundamentals for professionals: hardware

OUR OPINION : This edX course will show you all about computer peripherals and telecommunications and network devices, as well as the functions performed by computer hardware, communications hardware, and network hardware.

Platform: edX

The description: This course is one of 5 courses in an Introductory Business Information Systems series designed to introduce you to the world of information technology. In this course, you will learn the basic hardware concepts on which information systems and communication networks are based. Prerequisites include basic knowledge of the Internet and computers.


TITLE: Introduction: Emerging Technologies in a Business Environment

OUR OPINION : This self-paced training will help you discover best practices in business application development through real-life case studies and application exercises. If students are spending 3-4 hours per week, it should take 6 weeks.

Platform: edX

The description: Designed for executives responsible for making technology-related business decisions, this course provides an overview of business architecture and applications, taking into account internal business aspects such as value streams and business goals, as well as external factors, including markets, customers and competitors.


TITLE: Foundations of enterprise architecture

OUR OPINION : Taught by twenty-year veteran David Swersky, this training will help you build a career in the field and learn all the other basics you need to know if this field interests you.

Platform: Learning LinkedIn

The description: In this course, Dave Swersky explains the role of an enterprise architect in an organization, what a career in EA looks like, and how to integrate EA into your organization. Find out what makes an architect different from a senior or senior developer; the differences between application, solution, and enterprise architects; how to create an EA organization; and more.


TITLE: Enterprise architecture in practice

OUR OPINION : This course teaches you how to build your enterprise architecture team and product roadmaps for strategic planning. It will also cover what the day-to-day operations of an Enterprise Architecture team look like.

Platform: Learning LinkedIn

The description: In this course, David Swersky focuses on the practical applications of EA as he goes through the technological transformation of a fictional company, Brick and Mortar. Throughout the course, David demonstrates how an executive would assess the technology used by Brick and Mortar, then create and execute a modernization plan.


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