Tango Unveils Major Service Upgrade; Deploys a 5G-ready enterprise mobile services architecture

Tango Networks recently announced a major upgrade to its Mobile-X Extend service, introducing lower prices and a next-generation service architecture for migration to 5G.

The upgraded Tango Extend service includes:

– VoLTE support for carrier-grade voice communications with the widest availability in served markets. – Faster call setup times and more efficient network utilization for a higher quality user

– A new IMS core service architecture ready for HD voice and 5G connectivity when available and a foundation for future migration to next generation mobile voice, video, messaging and data services.

Along with these technical upgrades, wholesale prices for Tango Extend services have been reduced effective June 1 in the US and later this year in the UK. Tango Extend automatically integrates mobile phones into corporate communications systems, turning mobiles into business extensions and allowing users to use their phones’ native dialers for business calls without a separate UC application. This greatly improves the user experience. The service also enables the capture and recording of work communications on personal mobile phones for retention and compliance purposes.

The service is the first in the industry to use eSIMs to add a company-controlled extension to an existing phone in minutes.

Tango Extend allows employees to use Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) personal phones for business, eliminating the need to carry two devices. The service creates two-user personas. Personal communications use the personal SIM card and remain private, and professional communications use the professional number with the professional SIM card.

The solution reduces a company’s carbon footprint by allowing it to eliminate phones and converge on a single device. It also allows a company to dramatically extend the reach of its business communications to encompass previously disconnected workers, including frontline employees and contractors.

Andrew Bale, Executive Vice President of Tango Networks
Today’s work-from-anywhere world demands communications that connect employees wherever they work, while giving their employers granular control over those communications. Mobile phones are the easiest and most efficient communication choice for businesses to maximize worker productivity anywhere and streamline operations. Tango Extend is the new standard for modern “Mobile First” business communications.

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