Studio Malka Architecture Adds Modular Vertical Extension to the French Embassy in Vienna | New


All images are courtesy of Studio Malka Architecture

French company Studio Malka Architecture has announced a new project that will see the addition of a striking collection of curved and modular extensions to the French Embassy in Vienna, Austria.

Built at the start of the 20th century, the embassy is housed in two buildings that express an Art Nouveau style. The project calls for the rehabilitation and vertical extension of the two units which are both modern and marked by the history of the site. The result was the decision to develop a lightweight and modular extension.

As the architects noted, the curved shell-shaped components serve more than mere ornamentation but as functional pieces, “in the day-to-day use of its architecture.” The system, which Studio Malka Architecture says was created in ancient Egypt, collects, amplifies and diffuses natural light throughout the building, while creating natural ventilation.

“More than a century after its creation, the project for the new French embassy in Vienna renews itself with the fundamental DNA of Art Nouveau, while placing the project in the contemporary architectural landscape”, conclude the architects.

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