Skyrim fan recreates the in-game landscape in beautiful oil painting



A Skyrim fan recently showcased his oil painting of Skyrim’s Lakeview Mansion and explained that he was a huge fan of the game’s sunset scenes.

A fan of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim recently shared their oil painting of a sunset scene at Lakeview Manor, a game location where players can buy a home. Skyrim is often the subject of fan-made creations and tributes, like a fan-made video uploaded earlier this summer that recreates scenes from The Sopranos in Skyrim.

Appreciation for Skyrim is perhaps best exemplified by the efforts of its modding community. Waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6, fans of Skyrim have changed the title to include minor changes like new weapons and armor. Others have created massive revamps to the game, such as a mod that seeks to combine Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. Another Skyrim fan even created a mod that prevents players from playing the title – a feature that has helped those playing the nearly ten-year-old title a little too much. That being said, some Skyrim Fans have turned to fan art to express their affinity for the series, like a fan who recently recreated an in-game setting using oil paints.

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Aaron Long, known as LongFineArt on Reddit, posted a photo with their Skyrim-Lakeview Manor inspired oil painting at sunset. The game farm is depicted fairly accurately (Long said they used a Skyrim screenshot for reference), showing the surrounding trees and mountain scenery. Long spoke to other Reddit users about their process, explaining, “I love the sunset scenes in Skyrim and the mountains are one of my favorite things so this piece was an absolute joy to paint!” Long also revealed that the entire creation took them 12 hours to complete.

Long has a substantial portfolio of art inspired by Skyrim that they share online. Although this new painting depicts a serene, sunset-covered landscape, Long showcased his contrasting glow-in-the-dark painting of Skyrim Blackreach earlier this year. This piece took longer than their recent premiere, having spent three days of four-hour sessions before it was finished. The artist isn’t just a painter, however – from his social media pages, it looks like he’s creating Skyrim-inspired sculptures, too.

Few games seem to stand the test of time like Skyrim, let alone inspire nearly a decade of fan-made mods and artwork. November 11 marks Skyrim‘s 10 years and it is (still) ready for a re-release on next-generation consoles and PCs. The re-release will feature the addition of 500 Creation Club items, all three expansions, and a new fishing mechanic. While the game will remain largely the same as before, the inclusion of Creation Club content will certainly diversify player experiences. In fact, this new fishing mechanic means players can cast a line at Lakeview Manor, which could add some new visuals to its landscape.

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Source: LongFineArt / Reddit

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