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The “Symbiotic” exhibition combines contemporary and historical

Here is a detail of the flowers created by Lynda Weinman in her sculpture “The Ceramics Garden”. She collaborated on the work with fellow artist Joan Rosenberg-Dent, and it appears as part of “Symbiotic – Seven Contemporary Sculptors at Historic Casa del Herrero”.

For the first time in its history, the Casa del Herrero is organizing a sculpture exhibition with works of art placed in the historic gardens of the estate.

“Symbiotic – Seven contemporary sculptors at the historic Casa del Herrero” is visible until November 24 on the Montecito site.

Participating artists include Isaac Anguiano, Béla Bácsi, Robert J. Emmons, Pattie Porter Firestone, Victoria Hendler, Joan Rosenberg-Dent and Lynda Weinman.

“It’s really fascinating to see contemporary artwork against the backdrop of the historic estate,” said Karen Jones Clark, Chair of the Board of Directors of Casa. “The beautiful gardens of the Casa have become open-air museum spaces to contemplate the fascinating sculptures in the exhibition. The gardens are beautiful natural works of art, which are now complemented by the figurative, natural and abstract forms of the sculptures.

“The collection of works of art (comprising a variety of mediums) fits in perfectly with the uniqueness of the estate. In fact, there is an undeniable link between the two, ”continued Ms. Clark. “” Symbiotic “examines the interconnection between two seemingly disparate concepts (contemporary and historical) while examining each artist’s relationship to the natural world. “

Robert J. Emmons explores the human form in his sculpture “Newly Arrived”.

Mr. Anguiano is a welder and artist who is inspired by the organic world. Its process includes the implementation of natural shapes in the metal.

Her sculpture in the exhibition, “Flor Del Sol”, reminds viewers that “Mother Nature can create something small, beautiful and fragile that has the potential to have a greater impact on all of us”.

Mr. Bacsi, born in Hungary, was interested in stone carving from an early age. His marble and bronze sculptures are exhibited from coast to coast and are held in important collections around the world.

In Victoria Hendler’s “FEMME” series, abstract sculptures deconstruct the female form. Two sculptures from this series are exhibited at the Casa del Herrero.

Often referred to as a Renaissance Man, Mr. Emmons has served as CEO, international consultant, university professor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author of 10 books including six collections of poetry.

In his sculptures, he explores all aspects of the human form and celebrates its beauty and diversity.

Mrs. Firestone is a sculptor, teacher, designer and arts activist. His sculptures “depict patterns of energy visible and invisible in the natural world. On view at the Casa, “Leaves of Grass,” depicts an invisible energy beneath the earth’s surface, pushing six red blades of grass six to nine feet from the ground.

Béla Bácsi became interested in stone sculpture from an early age, continuing the long family tradition of working in this medium. His work, “Oracle”, is exhibited at the Casa del Herrero.

In her work, Ms. Hendler explores what is inside after everything has been stripped, when everything is laid bare to its essence. “FEMME” is a series of abstract sculptures which deconstruct the female form. Two pieces from this series are on display at the Casa del Herrero.

Ms. Dent is a sculptor working mainly in porcelain and mixed media. His work is presented as an abstract sculpture with a minimal approach. The gardens of the Casa del Herrero have inspired his works for the exhibition, the forms of nature, architecture and the spaces they contain at the Casa informing the rooms.

Ms. Weinman’s ceramic works are driven by curiosity and she constantly challenges herself to learn new techniques and explore new ideas. She is fascinated by machine-made objects which can be made more organic and random.

When visitors come to the Casa del Herrero, or the “Blacksmith’s House,” they are taken back to Montecito in the 1920s and 1930s – the heyday of the original owners, Carrie and George Fox Steedman.

Isaac Anguiano is inspired by the natural world in his sculpture “Flor Del Sol”.

Designed by famous architect George Washington Smith, the Casa is one of the finest examples of Spanish Revival architecture in America. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and retains National Historic Landmark status in part due to its eclectic mix of Country Place Era and Moorish inspired gardens created by Ralph Stevens, Lockwood de Forest and Francis T. Underhill.

Today, the 11-acre estate at 1387 East Valley Road operates as a non-profit organization with the goal of preserving the house and grounds as well as the Steedman family’s collection of art and crafts. decorative art from the 15th and 16th centuries of Spain’s “golden age”, books, sketchbooks, drawings and horticultural notices.

Pattie Porter Firestone’s sculpture, “Leaves of Grass,” depicts an invisible energy beneath the earth’s surface pushing six red blades of grass out of the ground. It is to be seen at the Casa del Herrero.

“Although historic, the Casa remains alive with the creative legacy of the original owners,” said Jessica Tade, Executive Director. “Through this exhibition, we are collaborating with local artists while continuing to realize our desire to support the continued vitality of the arts in our community.

“Also, the Casa just finished its very first summer youth art program, and it was really exciting to see the participants engaging in the sculpture exhibition. The pieces were an additional source of inspiration for the participants as they familiarized themselves with different artistic mediums and techniques in creating their own artistic projects.

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“Symbiotic – Seven Contemporary Sculptors at Historic Casa del Herrero” is on view until November 24 at Casa del Herrero, 1387 East Valley Road in Montecito.

The exhibition is part of the guided tour by a guide. Tours are available at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tickets cost $ 25 and reservations can be made by calling 805-565-5653.

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