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When the Statesville Community Appearance Commission came to Kelli Simko Walker to ask if she would like the “Harmonious Balance” sculpture outside 220 Café, the response was a quick yes for the business owner.

“It’s nice to have local art downtown, when you walk around downtown seeing this, the art park, it adds character to downtown,” Simko said. Walker.

The sculpture was unveiled in front of the 220 Café on Center on Friday with Mayor Costi Kutteh and others on hand to celebrate the sculpture’s new location. Now, 220 Café customers and anyone from Center Street downtown can enjoy working at its new location.

“You can see that downtown is the heart of the community, and it emanates in all directions and it makes a different impression here than it does in the garden,” Kutteh said.

Simko Walker said they love having it in front of the cafe and with this and by sponsoring the Iredell Arts Council concert series, she seeks to support arts and culture in Statesville.

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The sculpture is called “Harmonious Balance” and was created by North Carolina sculptor artist Jordan Parah. The Greensboro native said “the primary focus of her works is equality in our society – equal rights represented by large-scale sculpture.” It was a theme that Ann Speaks of the Statesville Community Appearance Commission echoed as she reminded everyone of the city’s slogan, “Where It All Comes Together.”

“Let’s also work toward a place where we all come together through art and a unified love of this city,” Speaks said in his remarks at the inauguration on behalf of the SCAC.

The sculpture originally stood in the city’s sculpture garden and the SCAC had planned to move it out of the garden as early as 2019, but like many other things during COVID-19, those plans were delayed after the city bought it and started looking for its new location.

Speaks thanks fellow SCAC members as well as the city’s Superintendent of Parks and Public Lands, Lynn Miller, for her work in getting the sculpture moved by the city to its new location.

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