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Q: I noticed that the eagle sculpture was missing on the city docks. What happened to him?

A: Cadillac Department of Public Works operations manager Ken Payne told Rover on a recent foggy morning that city crews were picking up the trash when they noticed the eagle sculpture had broken down. Payne said he didn’t believe someone did it on purpose, but rather that someone was taking a photo next to it and it fell and shattered into three pieces.

Payne said he contacted the artist who carved the eagle and told him there was no way to fix it. Payne said the artist had confirmed he would make a new sculpture and put it in the eagle’s place. When this will be completed is uncertain at this time, according to Payne.

Here is a little history of eagle sculpture. Originally the piece was to be an eight foot tall bear catching a fish. An eagle would also have been part of the sculpture. Once chainsaw artist and carpenter Mark Eckles started working on the willow used for the piece, however, he found the situation to be worse than expected and more to be cut. The sculpture was ultimately just an eagle catching a fish.

Q: Is the new roundabout at Crosby Road and M-55 on time? It appears that little recent construction has taken place at the site. Is there an incentive for the contractor to finish earlier than expected?

A: Rover has had a lot of questions about the roundabout lately and recently got a chat with Connie Houk, Project Engineer from Prein and Newhof. She told Rover the project was ahead of schedule and by the time you read this the project paving will be complete.

She said the project contractor was quick in everything he did and the most critical subcontract work was paving, which was completed two weeks ahead of schedule. While the paving is done as you read this, Houk said it’s important to remember that even if it’s paved, it can’t open until there is no permanent signage, road markings and lighting.

Houk said he was arranged by the contractor to install temporary lights called a lighting factory. The lights will shine with every step of approach. Although the project’s end date is November 15, Houk said it would be open to traffic before that, but she did not give an exact date.

She also said the permanent lights would likely be installed in December or early January. The foundations and wiring have been installed and the posts only need to be connected and erected.

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