Porsche 911 Wireframe Sculpture Is True Automotive Art

Have you always thought that the Porsche 911 was a work of art? Do you love the simple body lines and iconic design cues that have dominated Porsche 911 design for decades? Well, you’re not alone as Porsche has teamed up with artist Benedict Radcliffe to celebrate the beauty of the Porsche 911 and a new partnership with luggage manufacturer Rimowa.

Porsche recently entered into a unique partnership with high-end luggage manufacturer Rimowa to create a Pepita hand carry case inspired by the iconic Porsche 911. To celebrate this collaboration, sculptor artist Benedict Radcliffe has worked to create a unique full-size 934 generation 911. This beautiful 911 metal frame holds the custom Rimowa Porsche carry case in the trunk of the iconic rear-engined sports car.

The life-size sculpture of the Porsche 911 is created using stainless steel tubing meant to mimic the look of polished aluminum used in the construction of the Rimowa Porsche carry case. This limited series of Porsche-themed cases is limited to 911 pieces, making it a rare collector’s item for discerning Porsche enthusiasts.

Artist Benedict Radcliffe is known for creating wireframe artwork that celebrates iconic cars. Many of his creations are miniature sculptures that can fit on a coffee table alongside larger life-size examples. These unique works of art highlight the lines and silhouettes of iconic cars and focus on their striking body lines.

One of Radcliffe’s most exciting life-size wireframe sculptures features the iconic Lancia Stratos. This unique wedge-shaped homologation special was the perfect subject for the wireframe treatment as it’s a great way to display the Stratos’ unique body lines. Another icon to get the Radcliffe treatment is the Plymouth Superbird muscle car, an icon in the American racing community.

Which automotive artwork do you prefer? Do you like the Porsche-themed aluminum carrying case?

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