Pokemon Fan Makes Adorable Vaporeon Sculpture For Boyfriend

A Pokemon fan shows off an amazing Vaporeon pocket monster statue that features some lovely details, which they made for their boyfriend.

Of all the Pokémon that have been introduced over the years, eeveelutions have remained among the most popular. Even with a ninth generation of Pokemon along the way, Eevee and its evolutions are still considered some of the most beloved pocket monsters.

One such evolution is Vaporeon. The water type was one of Eevee’s original three evolutions and has remained relevant despite having been around for over 25 years. The pocket monster still has fans creating works of art around it, including an incredible appearance Pokemon statues.


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An artist passing by the LockwoodE3 handle showed off an adorable Vaporeon statue they made. According to the artist, the Pokemon statue was made for their boyfriend’s shop after they asked for one. An official figure was used for the Vaporeon in the piece, but LockwoodE3 were able to make the rest of the statue themselves. The base shows the Pokemon standing in the waves on a beach, which was made with resin and gel. The piece also features a few clams on the sand at the edge of the waves, adding a nice little touch that gives the piece a bit more character.

The LockwoodE3 statue received a lot of fans. Many say the piece looks amazing, saying the artist’s boyfriend must love it. A commenter asked for a statue of Umbreon, which LockwoodE3 says is next. Another mentioned that he would buy one of the artist’s works if he made the Galarian form of the Pokemon Ponyta or Flareon. A fan also said it was “mean” of the artist to make the statue for their boyfriend and praised them for it. The statue is quite adorable and is a nice celebration for one of the first Pokémon players got to travel with.

LockwoodE3 is not alone in making parts dedicated to Vaporeon. A Redditor known as umbratundra has created an incredible Pokemon Vaporeon doll that the artist says took over 30 hours to complete. In a short clip, umbratundra shows the process they went through to make the doll. This included making a skeleton system that would allow the part to be placed in different poses, and making a resin cast for the head that included separate eye and nose pieces. Different types of fabric were used for the Pokémon’s body, giving it the appearance of real fur, especially around the neck and ears. It is an amazing work of craftsmanship and has an amazing realistic look.

Pokemon scarlet and violet will be released in 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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