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On September 12, a renewed exhibition was inaugurated on the occasion of the first anniversary of the PARC3020 sculptural space.

3020 –– a symbolic date of creation of the park and at the same time an ambition of development for years. Currently, PARK3020 exhibitions include works by Nazar Bilyk, Anna Zvyagintseva, Oleksiy Zolotarev, Anton Logov, Anna Naduda, Bohdan Tomashevsky and other Ukrainian artists. International cultural exchanges are also an important component of the park’s work.

During the first year of operation of the PARK3020, more than a thousand excursions were organized and 15 new sculptural projects were installed. Its total area is over 16 hectares.

“In just one year, PARK3020 has become an important station for Ukrainian artists on the way to building a career in the field of art in public space. It is not just a landscape in which there are sculptures. It is a springboard of opportunities for Ukrainian artists. It is here that the ideas of the most daring and grandiose authors can be realized ”.

Katya Taylor, project commissioner

On September 12, the updated PARK3020 exhibit opened to visitors. Among the new exhibitions are the works of the participants of the first Ukrainian sculpture festival Kyiv Sculpture Project, which took place at the Kyiv Botanical Garden in 2012. These are sculptures by Zhanna Kadyrova, Stepan Ryabchenko and the Ukrainian-Israeli group GREVIS .

A new PARK3020 space with a collection of works by sculptor Alexander Sukholit has been opened. For them, the archaism of bronze is combined with the monumentality of stone, and the sculptor appears as a philosopher who spiritualizes matter, giving it new meanings through his own perception.

Also on display are works of glass art created by professor, academician of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine Andriy Bokotei especially for the park, and works by Franco-Slovak artist Jan Zorichak, who also works with glass and creates sculptures using optical illusions.

The PARK3020 outdoor sculpture park has been a message to descendants for millennia. This is a long-term project for the development of the artistic community, the formation of a competitive Ukrainian culture. If there is no art in Ukraine, there will be no Ukraine. Because art is a soul. Only a person with a soul can restore, can rebuild, can create modernity.

The PARK3020 project must preserve and develop the cultural heritage of our country. In the future, we plan to invite foreign painters here to popularize Ukrainian contemporary art in the international cultural arena.“.

Igor Krivetsky,
visionary and chairman of the PARK3020 supervisory board, patron

The updated PARK3020 operates in public park mode with guided tours. You can book a tour on the website or by phone at +380673540771. The park is located 35 km from the center of Lviv, in the village of Strilky, Lviv region.

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