Painter working inside the Tulsa art studio when the conductor crashes into the building, leaves



Police search for the driver who crashed into a business near the 11th and Harvard, then left.

Officers said a man inside the Urban Art Lab studios was inches away from being seriously injured. Tyler Griese said he was lucky to be alive.

“I was just working on my oil painting, and I heard a thud, then I turned around and there was a hole in the wall,” Griese said.

Griese said last night was not his usual Sunday routine.

“What I thought was just a Sunday night painting, was a bit dramatic,” Griese said.

He said bricks were falling a few yards from where he was painting. What he thought was an earthquake at first was actually a conductor that crashed into the building.

Griese said when the driver took off he called the police and then got to work cleaning up.

“And surprisingly, everyone showed up. Pretty much friends, brothers of friends, and girlfriends of brothers of friends,” said Rebecca Joskey, director of Urban Art Lab Studios.

Joskey said it was a team effort to plug that gaping hole in the wall and she is grateful the community has stepped forward to fix what these artists are calling their “safe space.” More importantly, she’s just glad no one got hurt.

“He’s usually seated where I’m standing, so the fact that this car is approaching, you know, probably less than six inches from his knees is an amazing thing in and of itself,” Joskey said.

Joskey said repairs will take place soon.

In the meantime, she said nothing will change for Griese and the rest of the artists at Urban Art Lab studios.

“You take your easel, you move it and you keep painting. That’s all you can do,” Joskey said.


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