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Members of the Batavia Society of Artists will help the Stafford Country Club celebrate its centenary with a special outdoor painting event.

En plein air is a French expression meaning “in the open air” and is used by artists to describe both exterior and exterior painting.

For the August 10 event, members of the Batavia Society of Artists will use a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and colored pastels to capture the landscape and historical aspects of the club.

The completed works will then be presented by the artists during a champagne and appetizer evening scheduled for a later date. During the celebration, the pieces will be auctioned off to members of the Stafford Country Club.

A portion of the proceeds from the auction will help support the Walter J. Travis Scholarship Foundation. The scholarships are open to students interested in various fields of golf including golf course management, amateur golf, turf management or course design.

Stafford Country Club has a course designed by Walter J. Travis, an amateur golfer in the early 1900s who went on to become a renowned golf course architect or designer.

Travis has been innovative in his approach to golf course design. In a chapter in Practical Golf on the dangers, Travis criticized the ubiquitous and, to him, unattractive cross-bunkers that stretched all the way down the fairway at predictable intervals. On the contrary, he pleaded for more strategically and visually appealing bunkers placed along the edges of the fairways, stating: “The dangers laid out a bit on the lines indicated, rather than slavishly following the system adopted on the vast majority of our courses. , I think would make the game much more interesting and challenging of better golf all around.

Outdoor event attendees are encouraged to capture the flavor of the golf course, the courses designed by Harold L. Olmstead, the historic 1921 pavilion designed by Herbert Stern, the charming covered bridge of the course, the golf course and the inspired flower gardens throughout the property.

Society of Artists spokesperson Teresa Tamfer said the organization was “delighted to be a part of this creative event and to honor this ‘Genesee County gem.’ “

The outdoor event is only open to members of the Society of Artists, who must register by August 6. New members can register before August 6 and participate. To register or get information on becoming a member, call Tamfer at (585) 506-2465.

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