Onvis Kameleon brings unique painting mode to HomeKit light strip


I’ve written about a handful of HomeKit compatible light strips over the past few months, but a new model seems to be the best yet. Onvis Kameleon smart light strips bring unique features to HomeKit that are worth checking out.

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The Onvis Kameleon smart light strips are available in two different lengths: two meters and five meters. However, they cannot be extended or connected to additional products.

Unlike some Homekit light strips, which can only display one color at a time, the Onvis model can display different colors simultaneously. Different areas of the light strip can display their own color, brightness and saturation. The Onvis app includes presets such as Music, Paint, and Glitter, but you can create your own to have the perfect scene for a holiday or special occasion.

Of all the HomeKit light strips I’ve used, the individually addressable color options of the Onvis Kameleon are quite unique. If the price is about the same, the functionality certainly sets the Onvis band apart from its competition.

The strip includes a physical power button and a physical brightness button. These buttons are very useful if you are using these lights in a kid’s room and they are missing a device to control the strip from the Home app.

Onvis kameleon

HomeKit Setup and Control

The Onvis Kameleon strip includes the HomeKit code, which makes it easier to track in the future. The Onvis Home app is probably worth downloading first so that you can apply a firmware update before you start using it. The Onvis app can manage its integration into your HomeKit environment if you give it permission to access home data.

I had no problem integrating the tape, but updating the firmware took a few tries. Once it finally took, everything worked without a hitch.

As I mentioned earlier, the individually addressable lights make this product unique. This feature will however require the Onvis app. HomeKit is not available to configure this feature. You can still use the Home app or Siri through a HomePod Mini. Obviously, it would be great if all of the light strip’s functionality was on display in the Home app, but this is a limitation of HomeKit itself.

Once the strip is in HomeKit, you can do all of your normal automations, control the brightness, etc. If you want to access the light strip remotely through HomeKit, you’ll need a Homehub, which can be an Apple TV, HomePod, HomePod mini, or an iPad that’s always plugged in.

The painting mode

 Onvis Kameleon Paint Mode
Paint mode in the Onvis app

As I mentioned earlier, the Onvis app has a paint mode, and that’s the funniest part about owning this light strip. Using your finger in the Onvis app, you can “paint” parts of the strip to give it a unique color. This mode will be perfect for creating a great Christmas or Halloween scene anywhere you have the lights on.

Once you’ve set your colors, turning it off and on using the Home app will keep the “paint” intact. If you change the brightness in the Home app, it will default back to the normal Home app colors.

Conclusion on Onvis Kameleon Light Strip

Overall, Onvis has a great product here with its Kameleon light strip. It’s affordable, works well with HomeKit (within Apple’s limits), and includes some unique features. While I don’t have any information on Lumens, it certainly looks brighter than other products I’ve tried in the past.

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