Missouri woman loses thousands of dollars to painting business

GRAIN VALLEY, Missouri – A woman from Grain Valley said she was out of thousands of dollars after paying bond to have her house repainted.

The job was never done, so she contacted FOX4 Problem Solvers.

After purchasing the perfect home with a lovely yard for her grandchildren, Danielle Ohern said the finishing touches were to repaint her home.

She contacted Joe Swaney, owner of Veteran’s Painting Plus LLC.

“I saw the good veteran paint,” said Danielle Ohern, who said she was cheated. “It’s a business owned and operated by veterans. I want to support this.

Almost two months after paying the $ 3,900 bond, Ohern’s house is still the same color it started.

She said she was told to pay the bond and then an additional $ 3,900 when the job was done.

“Oct 18th they were supposed to have started and I can’t remember the date it was like five weeks later all of a sudden his Facebook was shut down, the phone number that was on Google has been taken offline, ”Ohern said.

Ohern posted on Facebook about Swaney and the company and said she had learned that she was not the only one with this problem. She also found a Facebook group of people complaining about him as well.

“People had commented, saying, ‘I just gave him so much money last week,” Ohern said.

Ohern said when she finally reached Swaney, he referred her to her lawyer and told her he was filing for bankruptcy.

She said Swaney had offered to come and start work in the house, but based on her new concerns, Ohern refused and demanded her money.

FOX4 called Swaney’s attorney, who said he was helping Swaney’s company file for bankruptcy.

We have also checked with the Missouri attorney general’s office, and he is aware of two complaints against Veteran’s Painting Plus LLC, where he is working on mediation.

The GA’s office also indicated that if you have any concerns about the company or the relationship with Joe Swaney, please contact the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-392-8222.

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