Midtown’s newest sculpture recalls the rock-paper-scissors game

“Peace Conversation” is the newest addition to Midtown Alliance Growing public art program that features temporary art installations throughout the district.

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Last week, “Peace Conversation” was erected on a property belonging to the Dewberry Capital Corporation, which rents the temporary space of the park to 10th and Peachtree Street To Downtown Alliance for $ 1 per year. The new facility is in anticipation of the next exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, “Origami in the garden” planned for 2022

The artist behind the masterful symbolic art installation is New Mexico resident Kevin Box. The Fine Arts major has focused her career on public art and sculpture using molding and fabrication techniques.

According to Downtown Alliance website, sculpture is a play on the phrase “conversation piece,” which denotes an interesting object that creates conversations. This temporary art does exactly that! As an interpretation of rock Paper Scissors, the game is played with friends and family, the statue consists of a large chisel balanced on a rock. The commissioned artist used these objects to symbolize conflicting forces that found balance, with the “paper” winning the game and folding into a paper crane, traditionally seen as a symbol of peace above the scissors.

Downtown Alliance is a coalition of business and civic leaders who strive to create an exceptional urban experience in Atlanta’s Midtown, including everything from small street-level activation projects to large-scale transportation improvements. The Heart in the Arts Initiative was launched to express the particularly creative atmosphere and culture of the Midtown district. In addition to public art installations, works of art color the empty storefronts, the streets are filled with music by that of Atlanta the best artists, and the Parliament of owls The parade is an annual neighborhood party.

Visit the Midtown Alliance website to learn more about “Conversation Peace “ and other public art installations inspired by Heart of the Arts Initiative.

Source: Alliance Midtown website
Source: Alliance Midtown website
Artist Kevin Box
Source: Alliance Midtown website

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