McKissack & McKissack, the leading black and women-owned architecture firm, hires Alana Elston as Chief People Officer

McKissack & McKissack, a leading black and women-owned architecture, engineering and program management and construction companies, announced that Alana elston has joined the company’s management team as director of human resources, according to a statement.

She will oversee all aspects of McKissack’s human resources, including an effort to attract, retain and develop an innovative, talented and diverse team as the company grows nationally.

Last year McKissack received Best in Business Award from the magazine Inc. for his work on iconic projects and his leadership in workforce diversity. Given the company’s respected accomplishments, Elston is a strategic choice to lead human resources at McKissack as she enters her fourth decade of growth and takes on more roles as Premier. She has extensive experience in talent acquisition, team management, employee development and building strong and inclusive cultures.

“Alana’s career has always been one of being energetic and focused on recruiting and developing highly skilled and diverse team players. Instead of sitting down and waiting for talent to come to her, she uses creative acquisition strategies to find candidates who are not only capable and accomplished, but who are also suitable for an organization, regardless of race or gender, ”said the President and CEO. Deryl mckissack noted.

“She has the ability to bring excellent technical expertise to meet the needs of our clients and a unique mindset really works for our culture, which focuses our team members to be humble, hungry and intelligent. She embodies this philosophy herself and will help reinforce it in our employee development programs, ”added McKissack.

Earlier this year, McKissack made history again by becoming the first black woman-owned company to be selected as the best company for capital projects in Dallas-Fort Worth. This achievement made McKissack aware of the need to better build and diversify the company’s regional offices.

“My approach to building strong teams is not to wait for people to come to me. I contact my network. I cold source. I scan the web. I live and breathe LinkedIn. You can’t sit back and wait when looking for talented leaders to recruit for key leadership positions, ”said Elston.

“It means everyone is a fair game, even people who may be seated across from us at meetings,” she added.

“The talent we’re looking for already performs well in their jobs, and I spare no effort when trying to find the right fit. “

“McKissack practices what he preaches,” Elston said.

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