Mass Effect fan shows off stunning Norman painting


A Mass Effect fan’s birthday is made special when he receives an oil painting commissioned by the family of the SSV Normandy SR-2 entering the Citadel.

mass effect 3 ssv normandy s-2 citadel fan oil painting

Mass EffectDeep space travel between galaxy clusters and different planets sets it apart from many other sci-fi games. Mass EffectIconic spaceships and geopolitical conflict set the stage for a rewarding narrative throughout each of the original trilogy titles, with Normandy cemented as a hub for Shepard and his teammates.

In addition, the Citadel plays an important role in the second and third Mass Effect installments, although it is even more prominent in the original game. Mass Effect Allows players to freely walk through different sectors and neighborhood complexes to talk to NPCs and get side quests. Recently, carbonunit357 shared an oil painting their family had commissioned for their Normandy birthday as they approached the colossal space station.

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The fan painting was created by Jenny R Johnson, an artist who makes “fine art fan art”. Johnson’s oil painting depicts the SSV Normandy SR-2 Alliance ship from Mass effect 3. The depth of field of the oil painting places the Stealth Frigate front and center as the focal point with the Citadel as the background ready to wrap around it. The deep black and purple space fills the negative space of the painting with stars and swirling light. Johnson’s painting is a remarkable snapshot of what appears to be a cutscene of Mass Effect, and carbonunit357 shared their admiration for her.

The Citadel is much smaller in terms of real estate that players can navigate Mass effect 2, and Mass effect 3‘s Citadel DLC presents a fantastic farewell for the game’s teammates, allowing players to spend some free time with each of them. But in a surprising plot, the original Mass Effect reveals that the Citadel is a mass relay used to facilitate the invasion of the Reapers, and therefore its narrative impact is much greater.

Thus, the Citadel changes with each slice as much as Normandy. Normandy undergoes many visual and functional alterations after its destruction. The way players travel from planet to planet is also vastly different between games and securing ship upgrades ultimately means life or death for party members in the game. Mass effect 2. But these changes mean that every Mass Effect Unique identifiable title from each other, with many players having a preference for their gameplay over another for these reasons.

Either way, this fan’s commission made their anniversary special because of Johnson’s incredible work of art.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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