Man Creates Ice Snake Sculpture Realistic Enough To Scare People

Most of us don’t think much about snow. It’s something to have fun with, and generally a pain to shovel. But for this man, it’s a pure and clean medium for stunning, lifelike sculpture, made with his own hands.

A man made a giant ice cream sculpture of a snake so realistic it might leave you transfixed after seeing it for the first time.


The artwork, an incredible work in itself, is the creation of a man, who goes by the name @gaolaoyao3899 on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

He painstakingly carved every detail of the snake and carved a beautiful work of art, using just his hand and a few basic tools. A speeded-up clip showing the creative process has gone viral on social media.

The thing is, the sculpture is so lifelike, it could give you the scare of your life just by looking at it.

Last year, two Kashmiri sisters, one a doctor and the other a lawyer by profession, won hearts with their snowy tribute to corona warriors.

A steady stream of visitors were seen visiting the lawn of their residence in Srinagar where Dr. Quratul Ain Zohra and Aiman ​​Zohra made a snow sculpture.

The snow art had models of a female doctor, a syringe loaded with COVID vaccine, a stethoscope, and the acronym for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Two sisters do snow sculpture to honor corona warriors.
Great Cashmere

“It is a tribute to all who are involved in the fight against COVID in the world in general and those in Kashmir in particular. Doctors, paramedics, police, paramedics and the media… Everyone played a role in the fight against this pandemic”, Quratul Ain, at that time, had said PTI.

The Zohra sisters had also said that they also send a message of female empowerment through their snow art.

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