Local artist creates sculpture and mural for public art exhibit

The Platte Valley Arts Council (PVAC) has announced that

Artist Lori Kostur will create a bronze sculpture and mural for the organization’s public art exhibit.

Kostur’s fascination with native wildlife and the historic west inspires his work. She hopes to share with viewers through her sculptures and murals. His work has been featured in galleries and museums across the country.

“My goal is to try to convey the love I have for this region to others, through the subjects I paint and sculpt, by painting and sculpting the subjects I love,” Kostur said.

Kostur has created a limited edition bronze sculpture called the “Singlejack” miner. The sculpture will reside inside the Grand Encampment Museum near their mining tram diorama.

Kostur will also paint a mural at Platte Valley Medical Center. The 8-by-12-foot mural depicting the wildlife and landscapes of the Platte Valley will be installed in the new hospital cafeteria for residents of the long-term care center to enjoy.

The Platte Valley Arts Council is delighted to exhibit Kostur’s work and believes his works will add to the richness of the public art exhibit. Residents and tourists can expect to see Kostur’s work and public art exhibits by other featured artists when they are revealed in September 2022.

PVAC looks forward to showcasing the talent of local artists and providing the community with another opportunity to appreciate the arts. The organization will compensate the artists for their creativity and the materials necessary for the execution and installation of the work of art. Funding for public art exhibitions comes from grants, business partners and donations.

The Platte Valley Public Art Project is supported in part by grants from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, Wyoming Community Foundation, Carbon County Visitors Council, Bridge Street Bargains, and Wyoming Business Council – Rural Development.

Once the artists have finished their pieces, PVAC will host a big reveal event at 11am. September 3. A presentation and lunch will be held at the Platte Valley Community Center. From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., the artists will be available at their rooms to answer questions from the public.

PVAC will also launch a new website showcasing new public art, existing murals, and other public art in the Platte Valley. The website will include photos, descriptions, artist information and a map showing locations. The PVAC will promote the website through the Saratoga – Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce, restaurants and motels, and other public sites. PVAC plans to have the website online by the end of the month.

The Platte Valley Arts Council (PVAC) is a non-profit association incorporated in May 1993 to foster awareness and participation in all art forms in order to develop a vibrant and cohesive community. PVAC won the Wyoming Governor’s Art Award in 1997. PVAC demonstrates that art can be part of our daily lives.

Those interested in supporting the public art exhibit project can donate on the PVAC Facebook page or on the website http://www.plattevalleyarts.com.

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