Life-Size Car Sculpture From England Arrives at Bentley Residences Sunny Isles Sales Gallery – The Next Miami

A sculpture custom designed at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, England, has arrived at the Dezer Residences sales center in Sunny Isles.

The polyurethane, steel and fiberglass sculpture was unveiled by Gil Dezer last week.

Dezer said speedform carving is the future for Bentley, which plans to go all-electric within a few years.

Bentley engineers sanded the fiberglass to give it its shape. They also coated it with a specially created color called Miami Bronze, which is formulated to come alive in the Miami sun.

Bentley designers are also overseeing plans for the Dezer Residences tower itself, which is expected to begin construction in 2023.

“One of the biggest accomplishments when we design a car is to have a whole group of designers working together, but to make it look like it came from the hand of one person. We have the same exciting challenge with Bentley Residences, but on a 70-story scale,” said Brett Boydell, Head of Design Collaborations at Bentley.

Designers have revealed that the entire building will have a diamond pattern – including the glass panels that form the facade of the tower, as well as interior elements such as the tiles in the lobby. Diamonds are said to be a signature of Bentley design.

Bentley Residences will rise 749 feet, or 60 stories, taller than any other building in Sunny Isles.

There will be 216 residences, with private plunge pools on balconies and a glass-encased Dezervator that will allow residents to climb into their condos and park on their floors.

Completion is scheduled for 2026.

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