Improvements to Sunshine Skyway Bridge include paint job and netting

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) – The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is seeing improvements.

A new netting and paint job give the deck a facelift. Crews are repainting the cables above deck yellow and adding corrosion protection. Florida While new Skyway Bridge upgrades are underway, the Highway Patrol is still urging motorists to be careful.

“We want to remember to give these workers a safe workspace,” said Cavalier Kenn Watson of the Florida Highway Patrol. “Also, when you start to see the orange signs and barrels, we want to make sure we slow down, we want to make sure we’re going at a safe speed.”

A major upgrade that was completed several months ago is the Skyway Vertical Netting which is a vertical barrier that has been placed over most of the bridge including the highest points. This is to help prevent the suicides that have been a problem on the bridge. Anglers at Skyway Fishing Pier say they are happy to see these improvements, especially the nets.

“I think it’s very, very important for safety,” said Angel Pinzon, a fisherman who frequently uses the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. “It’s good for everyone because in the past I know they’ve had problems, but now they’re keeping everyone safe.”

FHP provides coverage on and around the bridge 24 hours a day. FHP and FDOT say the netting makes a huge difference.

“Anytime we can help make sure people are safer, that’s something we’re going to turn to,” Watson said. “The net will undoubtedly save lives.”

As for the painting on the bridge, this project started at the end of last year. It should be finished later this year.

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