How Painter Spelled “Diesel” On Fuel Tank Leaves Internet Users Stunned As Video Goes Viral

With diesel prices skyrocketing like nobody’s business, you may have already come across several memes and stories on social media.

But this time the word “Diesel” has drawn attention not for soaring prices or how fuel is involved in pollution, but for something else!

A painter who quickly stylizes with the word “Diesel” to make it look gorgeous on a truck’s fuel tank, is now all the rage on social media.

The video shared by a Twitter user with the handle @GabbbarSingh shared the video, which went viral and garnered around 194,000 views. In the viral video, the painter is seen moving his paintbrush across the truck’s fuel tank to write the word “Diesel” on it.

The excellent calligraphic skills and the quickness to become eccentric in the exhibited work conquered the internet. The man’s crisp brush strokes soaked in orange paint are quite energetic and attractive to look at.

The 22-second video shared on Twitter read the caption “Watching this on repeat”. Take a look at this painter’s extraordinary artistic touch, here:

Take a look to see for yourself!

At the end of the video, when he finished painting to clearly read “Diesel” after his way of creatively creating squares and blocks to get to this – he just leaves the video probably to wave his brushes towards the side. next vehicle to the garage.

Internet users are amazed at how easily the painter added the word to the fuel tank. They marveled at the amazing styles of painting and wordart that this man displayed.

One of the users with the name @ Manoj49151909 said he remembered the great artist MFHussain after seeing the viral video, and his tweet read “MF Hussain in his youth, new great in the making”.

Take a look at some other reactions:

Posted on: Tuesday November 30, 2021 3:06 PM IST

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