From playing a Hindi literature teacher in the web series Mithya to a cop in the hit Tamil film Valimai, Huma Qureshi is partying: The Tribune India


The second month of 2022 has brought plenty of action for Huma Qureshi. If Mithya saw her playing a Hindi literature teacher, she’s a cop in Valimai. Ajith Kumar-header, the Tamil film released last Thursday, got a great opening, winning a lot of love from the audience. Valimai is doing good business as cinemas are running at one hundred percent occupancy in Tamil Nadu.

“I feel very happy, very blessed; I guess it’s in the right place at the right time. It’s a beautiful film, a beloved film, arguably India’s greatest action film,” Huma says.

The film is rich in action sequences. “Ajith sir has done his own bike stunts and he is fantastic. Everything I had heard of sir, he is so much more real. I am proud to be associated with this film.

This is Huma’s second Tamil film after Kaala, and it’s a difficult process that she enjoys very much. “Working in a language that is not my mother tongue is certainly more difficult to prepare for,” admits Huma. The Gangs of Wasseypur actress prepares as she would for an exam. She learns all night and is completely focused. “Even right before the shots I was like ‘don’t talk to me, leave me alone. Let me focus on shooting.”

The web series Mithya, a psychological thriller, has been widely talked about. She plays Juhi Adhikari, Hindi teacher in this Zee5 series, who is a woman of today. “February is a release month for me. When there’s a release, I don’t think about whether it’s cinema or OTT. For me, what matters is how many people it reaches.

Huma signed Valimai in 2019 and just as the movie was supposed to come out, the lockdown was announced. “Making such a big budget movie is a challenge anyway. Getting through the pandemic was even more stressful.

She credits director H Vinoth and producer Boney Kapoor for making things happen. “Ajith sir led from the front. Thanks to Vinoth sir and Boney sir who did not compromise on the vision and carried the film through to the end. Despite the difficulties, she appreciated the time and effort put in by the team. “All the love we receive is validation of the hard work we’ve all put in.”

Still wanting to be an actress, Huma took her time to even admit that she wanted to be on camera. After a decade in the entertainment industry, she says that has changed for the better. “Things have changed for good, even I have grown over the years. When I arrived I knew little about how to face the camera or how to conduct myself on sets. Every day was a learning process.

As for staying positive amid the chaos, Huma is banking on clean mental health practices. “I regularly write a diary and mediate.” Although she wouldn’t comment on the hijab row, her position on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is clear: “War is never good.”

Monica, O My Darling, Double XL and Maharani’s second season on the anvil, Huma has a busy year ahead. “Touch wood, there’s a lot of action, I’m enjoying the journey,” Huma says.

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