Estate opens new events with new sculptures

Adam Mainwaring and the new eel sculpture created at Oteley Estate by chainsaw artist Joffrey Watson.

The snake-like fish, which was sculpted by Joffrey Watson, known as The Chainsaw Bloke, of Much Wenlock, was fashioned from a fallen tree.

Now the unusual sculpture can be seen sitting among daffodils and gazing into the distance among the estate’s 10 acres of garden.

Joffrey, 41, who hopes to compete in the European Chainsaw Championships to be held in September at the Ragley Estate in Warwickshire, said: “I have created literally hundreds of sculptures.

“It took about five days to carve the eel using my chainsaw and I also created an eel illustration and story to explain its appearance.

“My story involves a boy called Jimmy Jones who disappears and travels to Wolverhampton to seek his fortune, leaving the villagers to believe he has been taken by the eel.

“However, once the eel is caught, the boy returns home safe and sound.”

Clare Mainwaring, of the Oteley family team, said: “We are so delighted to welcome visitors back to our market and gardens.

“We kicked off the events last year and loved giving local businesses a platform to sell to the area, as well as welcoming so many lovely visitors to the estate.

“Our events will be monthly this year and the eel sculpture was created from a 150-year-old umbrella pine that fell in November last year.

“We decided that rather than moving it, we could make it a feature and now it’s an eel sculpture that’s also a bench.

“Joffrey also created a story for the eel about how this mythical creature was killed after it was believed to be responsible for the disappearance of a young boy.

“However, the story tells how the boy was later found safe and sound.

“I think the eel, which is about three meters long and one meter high, will become a meeting point and a point of interest for children as it resembles a mythical creature from the Harry Potter books.

“Our open days will now take place on the second Saturday of each month with 15 stalls in the market selling local produce.

“Spring has brought back the gardens in bloom, which we hope visitors will enjoy while exploring our boathouse, walled garden, tower, Swiss cottage and spectacular sea views.

“Now we also have this amazing new addition to the garden, carved into the trunk of the Stone Pine.”

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