Don’t Paint Your Walls With These 4 Colors If You Want To Keep Mosquitoes Away

According to WCNC Charlotte, mosquitoes like dark colors. This is because they are sensitive to light and lack of water – they gravitate to dark, shady areas to recharge. You’ve probably noticed that in the summer you don’t get bitten by mosquitoes in the heat of the day – that’s later when the sun goes down and the weather cools down a bit. Since nighttime bites are the most common, simulating the darkness of your home with black wall paint can attract mosquitoes.

Another color that mosquitoes love but still doesn’t make sense to scientists? Aqua. This one is a bit of a puzzle for the experts, but it’s still a color to avoid. If you have a mosquito problem, steer clear of this brightly colored hue and opt for a muted blue instead.

The color of the wall paint that attracts mosquitoes depends on where it is. If you paint a wall black or red in an area of ​​the house that doesn’t have direct access to open doors or windows, mosquitoes are less likely to get through. If you’re painting exterior walls, a garden house, a screened porch, or any other area of ​​your home where mosquitoes have easy access, it’s best to stay away from red, orange, aqua and black.

But are there colors to help repel mosquitoes? Absolutely. According to CBS News, colors like green, purple and white keep these biting threats at bay.

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