Dancing Dawn Sculpture at Bi-Centennial Park : The Prowers Journal

The Southeast Colorado Arts Council added a sculpture, “The Dancing Dawn” to the east end of the park for permanent display.

The artwork, by former local resident, Jeremy Cooper, was erected by him as part of a long-term Council plan to establish a traveling art exhibition in the years to come. Council President Rose Anne Yates said it would be great to have exhibits similar to Longmont’s on display.

The sculpture was created over 18 months and was funded by the Anne Boken Trust and by Cooper. A plaque provides information and the signage has been approved by the City of Lamar. The SE Arts Council has exhibited other works in the community, including the sculpture in front of the Lamar Chamber Offices and Visitor Center, the Lamar Community College Antelope, and another, Prairie Wings.

Several murals have been painted on downtown buildings as well as sculptures displayed at Pocket Park on South Main Street.

By Russ Baldwin

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