Custom painting by a local artist to benefit Erika Lighthouse



Angelina Vivant, a Glencoe artist and mother of two, uses her talent to support Erika’s Lighthouse and her mission to raise vital awareness of child and adolescent mental health.

In collaboration with the non-profit organization, Vivant created a custom 12 “x 12” oil painting that beautifully captures the themes of hope and re-enactment. The artist’s personalized piece will be unveiled at her next exhibition at the Vivid Art Gallery (895 Green Bay Rd.) On October 1 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Vivid Gallery will accept offers in person or via email ([email protected]) and award the painting to the highest bidder on November 1, with 100% of the proceeds going to Erika’s Lighthouse.

“We are all affected by depression in one way or another, and the global pandemic adds weight to it all,” Vivant said. “I love that Erika’s Lighthouse shines a light on mental health, supporting our children by providing them with resources and techniques to help them talk about it and deal with it better.”

For children and adolescents across the country, including those in Winnetka and New Trier Township, Erika’s Lighthouse provides them, their educators and their parents with important tools to talk about mental health. Providing a range of programs to the community, the nonprofit works to educate and empower teens with an introduction to mental health, depression, seeking help and what to do. it takes to promote good mental health. Focusing on Grades 4 to 12, the free skills-based programs use diverse adolescent voices to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

“We are thrilled to partner with Angelina to raise awareness about depression and mental health. Art is such a powerful way to express emotions,” said Brandon Combs, Executive Director of Erika’s Lighthouse. “Angelina uses her talents to help advance meaningful conversations while raising funds for our mission. We are honored that she has chosen to work with us as we enter a difficult school year with millions of children and children. ‘troubled adolescents. “

The mission of the Erika Lighthouse and its offering to local residents and across the country is what inspired Vivant to spread the organization’s message. In fact, her dedicated piece, which is part of her “Replenish” art collection, intentionally includes elements of water and nature as a nod to the association’s lighthouse symbol. Representing water and nature in an unexpected way, Vivant uses these components to evoke a sense of serenity.

“The water is invigorating, soothing… so many things that contribute to our well-being and healing. Hopefully this piece will make someone feel a bit of it,” Vivant added.

For more information on the art gallery event, please visit; and to learn more about Erika Lighthouse, please visit

About Erika Lighthouse

A Beacon of Hope for Adolescent Depression is a nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness about adolescent mental health and depression in middle and high school communities at no cost to schools. Erika Lighthouse works to break down the stigma surrounding depression and empower young people to take charge of their mental health. Erika’s Lighthouse offers a series of programs designed to empower educators to empower teens with an introduction to mental health, depression, seeking help and what it takes to promote good health. mental. Focused on Grades 4 to 12, these free, video-based, skill-based programs use diverse adolescent voices to raise awareness and reduce stigma. Erika Lighthouse also offers countless other web resources. More information on


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