CUNY Spitzer School of Architecture opens Sorkin Reading Room

The New York City Collegeit is Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture honored the late architectauthor and urban planner Michael Sorkin with a new reading room named after him. Sorkin deceased in March 2020 after contracting COVID-19. He was 71 years old.

Besides being a famous architect and criticSorkin was a distinguished faculty member at CUNY where he served as director of the Graduate Program in Urban Designwhose program he designed.

“Michael Sorkin was a provocative and animating creative force in architecture and at the Spitzer School at CCNY. A reading room to carry on the spirit of intellectual excitement he embodied is a fitting tribute to his legacy at our college,” CCNY President Vincent Boudreau said in a statement. Press statement.

The school described the reading room as a “light-filled” space, furnished with long tables and shelves designed by Sorkin. The pages stacked on the shelves are from Sorkin’s personal collection and are suitably arranged using the late architect’s system of organization, with subjects related to town planning and architecture.

Elisabetta Terragnia colleague of Sorkin’s at school, designed the reading room, which Sorkin’s wife, philosopher and author Joan Copjec, described as “beautiful and quiet”.

“The Reading Room will be used by scholars interested in Michael Sorkin’s design criticism, pedagogy and practice,” Copjec added.

In other book news, the Spitzer School of Architecture also announced a major donation of books and articles from Marshall Berman, a colleague of Sorkin’s in the urban design program and a professor of political science who studied and writes on topics related to modernism and postmodernism. the theory. The trove of materials will join the collection of the CCNY Architecture Library, which is housed in the Spitzer School of Architecture building.

“Michael would be delighted to know that the archives of his colleague and ‘comrade’ Marshall Berman were installed near his library. Professor Berman was an essential component of the graduate program in urban design, the first chosen by Michael when he made his “wish list” for his faculty list,” Copjec added.

In June, the Spitzer School of Architecture announced the appointment of Marta Gutman as new dean. Gutman, a professor of architecture and urban history at CUNY, served as acting dean of the New York school after the resignation of former dean Lesley Lokko.

To celebrate the opening of the new Sorkin Reading Room, CUNY will host an event on December 1 at 6:00 p.m. in the Spitzer School atrium with remarks from Gutman, Boudreau, and a number of faculty and staff. . Copjec will also be present.

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