Cradlepoint Unveils Network Architecture Addressing 5G, SD-WAN, and Zero-Trust Intersection

Business transformation, accelerated by the pandemic facilitating a rapid pivot to remote working, continues to fuel increased adoption of cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things, but, according to Cradlepoint, architectures wide area network (WAN) networks have proven too limited and inflexible to securely connect distributed enterprise sites, vehicles, employees and remote devices.

Additionally, the company said 5G is rapidly becoming a critical WAN infrastructure and will drive WAN expansion and evolution. However, these trends can produce a larger attack surface, unique cloud-based traffic patterns, and more connected endpoints.

Architectural extension of the existing offer, the new version of NetCloud is designed to address these issues and help “Lean IT Organizations” amplify the 5G experience with advanced SD-WAN and zero trust capabilities and security services.

The The extension is based on what is called an agile LTE/5G VPN-like service designed to enable end-to-end secure connections for thousands of locations in three steps. It is credited with overcoming the operational complexities of traditional VPNs through automated tunnel deployments, effective encryption, name-based routing, and simplified IP address management. Zero trust principles include IP address masking and no default network access to change the traditional VPN paradigm from “connect then secure” to “secure then connect” to provide least privilege based access .

Advanced SD-WAN features extend Cradlepoint’s current SD-WAN capabilities by adding end-to-end support and advanced application optimization. This adds features such as 5G network slicing, simplified configuration at scale, more advanced cloud integration, more resilient and flexible traffic steering, and more scalable and resilient private and cloud data center terminations.

Zero-Trust Network Access includes an easy-to-deploy service and uses flexible and granular policies based on users, sites, applications, and resources that use 5G identity, context, and attributes to control access to the network.

All services are delivered using the NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway offering for private and cloud data centers, which aggregates remote connections, provides flow-level visibility, and acts as a policy enforcement point for the services it supports.

“As organizations continue to undergo digital transformation, IT teams must evolve how they manage the network edge,” said Rohit Mehra, group vice president of network and telecom infrastructure at IDC, analyst leading. “Cradlepoint’s wireless WAN innovation enables enterprises to deploy 5G with the management and security features needed to scale.

Cradlepoint’s EMEA Product Manager added, “Most networking solutions today are designed for wired-only deployments. With the new NetCloud Exchange extension, NetCloud now offers new 5G and security-focused services to support enterprise WAN transformation, including end-to-end secure connectivity, hybrid SD-WAN, and zero-trust network, all managed throughout the lifecycle through a single pane. of glass.”

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