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Children’s literature can no longer be simple: Emirati writer

Published on: Saturday, November 12, 2022

From: Sherell Jeffrey

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Children’s book author Rama Kanawati shares her thoughts at the book fair.

Sharjah: Emirati writer and critic Dr. Fatima Al-Ma’amari says children today are overwhelmed with information and need more than just stories to keep their brains active. (SIBF), she emphasized the need for adaptability in children’s books. She said kids today can be anything they want, but it often confuses them.

“In a world flooded with information, children’s literature should help them make the right choices,” she said, referring to the need to stimulate young brains intellectually, emotionally and psychologically. She also said more visually and verbally engaging literature is needed to help children deal with today’s issues, adding that the creativity in a child’s head is crucial. Children’s book author Rama Kanawati said that ideas in children’s books are very different from reality.


“Telling stories is not enough to match the imagination of young minds. Globalization and the technological revolution have made young people less interested in learning new things. “The world we live in today is very different from what you see in children’s books. “As children have more choices, their minds change and books need to reflect that,” she said.


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