Bucharest Museum of Romanian Literature receives DASA award from European Academy of Museums



The National Museum of Romanian Literature (MNLR) in Bucharest received the DASA Prize awarded by the European Academy of Museums (EMA).

The award, which emphasizes the quality of learning opportunities in museums, recognizes the main museum exhibition (8 Nicolae Crețulescu St.) and the Anton Pann Memorial House exhibition, MNLR said.

“The National Museum of Romanian Literature is a model in the Romanian museum landscape in terms of social aspirations and scenographic implementation. He takes up the challenge of creating a living literary museum and has embarked on an impressive journey since moving to a new building in 2017. The permanent exhibition impresses with its discreet but well-done dramaturgy, which complements the historic building. In its educational programs, the museum demonstrates courage and an uncompromising attitude, functioning as a vehicle for current social issues. At the center of its work is “interactive literature”, in which its methodology aims to give its visitors an element of surprise, used in an innovative way, in a clear integration and scenography ”, one reads in a statement of the jury .

The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the Stapferhaus in Lenzburg, Switzerland, were other finalists for this year’s DASA Award.

EMA is a non-profit foundation created to reflect museums internationally and to promote research on museography and museology, among others. This works to “promote the design and development of new and traditional museums as tools of social change”.

The EMA also awards the Luigi Micheletti Prize, which was awarded in 2019 to the Astra National Museum complex in Sibiu.

(Photo: George Calin / Inquam Photos)

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