Australian artist is selling this sculpture of a McDonald’s pickle for $6,000

How much do you like McDonald’s? Well, clearly not as much as this artist who created a fully-fledged sculpture of the trademark pickle and is now ready to sell it for a whopping $6,277! Yes, you read that right! By Australian artist Matthew Griffin, the work is currently on display at the Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland, along with three other pieces from Fine Arts Sydney. The piece is simply titled “Pickle” and features a single McDonald’s pickle on a white roof.

Baffled by the value of the offer, one social media user said: “I was kicked out of a McDonald’s by the police for doing this when I was a teenager, now it’s art”, while another added: “Oh so it’s ‘art’ when you do it but I’m being asked to leave the restaurant.

Remarking on this, in a statement to, Sydney Fine Arts director Ryan Moore said: “People don’t have to think it’s art if they don’t want it. Everything can be a work of art, but not everything is. “That is often part of the problem. Meaning and value are things that we humans create together – in art or any other part of life.

The artwork is currently projected onto the ceiling of the Michael Lett Gallery and will come with instructions on how to recreate the artwork at home for whoever purchases it. Your thoughts?


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