Artist creates a realistic painting of one of downtown San Antonio’s most recognizable public works of art

It is said that life imitates art, but sometimes art imitates life – and art. This is the case of an oil painting depicting FISH, the aptly titled public artwork, and its surroundings in downtown San Antonio.

Local artist Alex Hood proudly shared his Camden Street Bridge tribute through Reddit and Instagram last week, adding that the detailed oil painting took him four months. He says his painting was the most viewed posts for two dedicated channels in San Antonio and Texas that day.

San Antonians can be impressed by the realism of Hood’s painting compared to the actual scene. Part of this precision is due to the time the self-taught artist spent appreciating the beauty of “FISH”, completed in 2009 by artist Donald Lipski.

“I spent a lot of time walking around the city seeing a lot of places,” Hood said, reflecting on 2020. “The River Walk was one of my favorites.”

While the River Walk is a favorite with locals and tourists alike, Hood said it was the company he had walking through the downtown attraction that made his memories so special.

“My sister and I would go exploring the city pretty much every day,” says Hood, who was introduced to painting by marine wildlife artist Guy Harvey while on a fishing trip to Panama in the old age. 12 years old.

Hood explains that the couple would start their walk near the pearl and head to the “tourist” part of the river walk, stopping at the Camden Street Bridge to enjoy “FISH”. late afternoon.

“This piece is such a love letter to the summer before,” Hood says of his time unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, adding that 2020 has been a difficult year for many for a variety of reasons. “Spending time outdoors in town and on the River Walk, spending time with my family and my sister is a warm retrospective of those times.”

Hood says he plans to add the painting to his Etsy page where art lovers and San Antonio supporters can purchase it.

The artist, who moved to San Antonio in 2019, says more San Antonio scenes are on the way as he paints what inspires him. He adds that a Mission Concepcion piece is in progress.

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