Alpine hopes for aerodynamic gains from overhauled engine architecture

Alpine technical boss Matt Harman believes that aerodynamically the A522 will reap the rewards of the team’s overhaul of its engine architecture.

“At the very beginning of these regulations, we actually started with the powertrain primarily because it defines some of the key areas of the car aerodynamically,” says Harman, according to F1i.

“We have done a complete review of this part of the car and have decided to make major changes to the architecture of this power unit in all areas, including the internal combustion engine, the ERS, the turbo and its positioning. in the car and it gave us some real gains in terms of our ability to express ourselves aerodynamically and achieve that ultimate lap time of the car,” he adds.

While Viry’s motors division initially led the way, it worked closely with its sister organization in Enstone.

“When it comes to integrating Viry and Enstone, we’re a work team and we need to use that advantage 100% and we did,” Harman says. “So from the beginning of our program, we’ve worked very closely to start with people, start with how we integrate people first, how we integrate functions and from that come some really good conversations from engineering and from that comes great engineering solutions.

“He mainly focused on the organizations and made sure that even though we are separated in terms of geography, in terms of our engineering discussions, we are together and we are together on every decision.

“I think that’s an important part of being a factory team in modern Formula 1.

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