Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz’s home looks more like sculpture than architecture



It’s no wonder Alicia Keys and her husband, famous music producer Kasseem Dean (aka Swizz Beatz), call their home “Dreamland”.

The elegant 11,000 square foot residence with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean is literally a dream come true for the duo.

Frank Frances / Architectural Digest

In the December cover of Architectural Digest, the powerful musical couple shared exclusive access to the house and told the incredible story of how they ended up with the property. For eight years before their purchase, Dean had used a photo of the house (which would have inspired Tony Stark’s futuristic bachelor pad in the “Iron Man” movies) as a screen saver for his phone.

“I was showing it quietly,” he told the magazine.

And whispered, one day their real estate agent called them to tell them that the house was for sale. “When your screen saver comes to life, it’s unbelievably crazy,” he said. (BRB – we’re going to download our dream house as a wallpaper right now!)

The house looks like a modern work of art with a very thin edge defining its southern facade. Frank Frances / Architectural Digest

The cliffside mansion in La Jolla, California was designed by Wallace E. Cunningham and is a work of art in itself. “Every wall in this house, every part, is a sculpture,” the designer told the publication. “Those beautiful S-shapes, those rafters going down the hillside, those curves that fly in the space above your head. It is closer to sculpture than to architecture.

Working with interior designer Kelly Behun (whose work Dean admired), the couple made the house more family-friendly and less like a place where a “superhero would live” by bringing in warm elements like wood, rugs. in Moroccan wool and comfortable padded seats.

The circular living room is comfortable and chic with its neutral palette. Frank Frances / Architectural Digest

The house also features artwork from the couple’s extensive collection, which totals more than 1,000 pieces and focuses on African-American and African artists – many of whom know personally.

“I love that 90% of the artwork in the house is from artists who are now our friends,” Dean said. “We broke bread with them, they celebrated with us, they spent the night. It is not transactional for us.

Alicia Keys and Kasseem Dean (aka Swizz Beatz) pose on their elegant pool deck.Frank Frances / Architectural Digest

Keys compares the ambiance of their home to their music. “When you hear a song or something that we’ve produced, the basis is making people feel good and loved. This is what our art is all about, ”she said. “When you walk into our house, that’s exactly how we want you to feel. We want you to feel loved, secure, relaxed. We want you to have a good meal. We want you to feel inspired.

Read the full story and see more photos from the couple’s “dreamland” in the December issue of Architectural Digest.


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