A UK design firm is in hot water after posting an advert for an unpaid Part II architecture graduate | News


The job posting, posted by design firm Zulufish, sought Part 1 and Part 2 architecture graduates “or equivalent” to work full-time for up to four months without pay.

The post was highlighted on social media by Future Architects Front (FAF), a campaign group seeking to end exploitation in architecture, who described it as showing “comical levels of exploitation “. — A J

The company later took down the post after a flurry of backlash on social media prompted by the organization despite receiving a “sickening” level of response from applicants. The ad was for a full-time schedule in a placement that provided just £75 a week in travel costs and other reimbursements.

Unpaid internships of a duration more than four weeks are illegal but remain quite banal across the country despite overwhelming public support for recent legislative efforts taken up by parliamentarians.

FAF’s Charlie Edmonds criticized the RIBA, which fired back on the band’s Twitter feedfor “not doing anything proactive” to address the “grey areas” of employment, adding that “demonstrates one of the many ways employers can exploit architectural workers, especially recent graduates who are desperate to their first professional opportunity.

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