A sculpture for peace in Scriba, a prayer for Ukraine | Oswego County

SCRIBA – The tragedy and horror of war no longer appears to us only in the large, but seemingly distant photograph, or in the printed words of the war correspondent’s descriptions. It’s right in front of us, every day, every night on that night’s news and every morning on the Morning Joe TV show. There are no more symbols of it all, no more anguished stares of the exhausted, dazed soldier looking nowhere with that thousand-yard stare, no more pyramid of heroes hoisting the American flag on a hill symbolizing a hard-won battle. We no longer rely on symbols when the harsh reality of the cruelty, destruction and terror of war appears from every angle on the screens of our pockets and the screens of our walls and spreads this surreal hell, almost amazing, down to the minute. the innocent victims of war suffer.

Only one symbol remains, the two fingers of Winston Churchill’s V for victory, transformed 20 years later into a universal sign of peace and love, a symbol that everyone knows, a symbol that says it all without saying a single word. .

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