A penchant for radical literature lands 2 delivery men in prison

A day after the arrest of a 23-year-old food delivery man, Akhtar Husseinfrom his rented house in Tilak Nagar, BCC detectives probe his connections and his network. Hussain was staying with four friends in his hometown.

Although he dropped out of high school, he was very active on social media and allegedly communicated with a terrorist group. CH Pratap Reddy, the city’s police commissioner, said a preliminary investigation into two men arrested in the case found they were lovers of “jihadist literature“.

They were impressed by radical ideologies and were also part of a Telegram group where they had been active, Reddy said. However, the investigation so far has not revealed any of their subversive activities or plans. “We find their connections and the places they possibly visited in the city, state and country. One guy was picked up from a rented house in Tilak Nagar where he worked as a delivery boy and the other, Zubawas recovered from Salem in Tamil Nadu by CCB,” Reddy said.

As it must be done in a joint operation with the help of police from other states, the complex information about the two arrested people cannot be made public at this time, he added. Meanwhile, CCB officials investigate Akhtar’s travel history and network. Officials suspect that Akhtar used to communicate with a group of people from assam, West Bengaland Tamil Nadu, via Telegram and Messenger.

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