20 colorful abstract paintings for fall decor 2022

Fall art often reflects the outside world, which means it can be full of moody fall colors. If you want to change your interior, why not opt ​​for abstract paintings that present more vivid colors In place? It’s like dopaminergic dressing for your living room or bedroom, and the great thing about abstract art is that it’s playful and fun and adds new life to any space without looking too serious. Keep reading for some ideas if you want to try your hand as well as illustrations of small enterprises that you can support.

Create an ombre effect by layering stripes of different colors and then focusing on blending them together. Be careful when blending as you want the colors to blend into each other instead of all blending together.

Choose a color palette that features your favorite colors or blends in with the rest of your decor. Distributing the colors all over the canvas will make the final product feel balanced, but you can also add a single stripe of other shades for something unexpected.

If you’re less of a freehand painter, painter’s tape means your abstract painting can be a kind of controlled chaos. You can layer different shades and textures for multi-dimensional painting – just make sure the paint is dry before adding the tape!

Using a paint knife, instead of a brush, to create vertical stripes creates a unique, textured 3D look. The gold leaf is just the icing on the cake.

Abstract art doesn’t have to be geometric! After creating your base, take your colors to create fun squiggles and crazy shapes on top for a lava lamp and galaxy look.

Use a paint spreader to mix multiple colors in one pass. You can use this technique as a base or to create patterns on an ordinary base. Don’t worry if it looks clean or not. The messier it is, the more unique it will look.

Water is your best friend if you want a completely one-of-a-kind abstract painting, knowing that every time you try this method you get something different! You only need one color of paint to achieve multiple shades, as the water will naturally lighten depending on which one you choose.

If you’ve never done an abstract painting before, this is a great technique to try. Add all kinds of strokes to your canvas in different shades and in all directions until you are happy with the finished product.

Did someone else create melted crayon art? Consider this the adult version. Besides your canvas and brush, the only other tool you need is a hair dryer to create that molten gold river look.

Adding highlights and shadows to your colors (as well as bending them instead of painting straight lines) will give your room movement it might not otherwise have.

Get some spreaders or painting knives and add super short strokes on top of each other to create something that is both messy and geometric. You can stick to the same few colors, do something ombre, or arrange your colors in an abstract order.

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