10 anime characters who love literature and reading

The world of Japanese animation has characters of all kinds, from adventurers and heroes to model students and everything in between. Some anime characters don’t have the patience or the literacy to read a book, but other characters take great pride in their academic prowess and personal libraries.

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Books, both fictional and non-fiction, can open up whole new worlds of thought to someone, and some anime characters are known to always have books on them or recite passages from their favorite volumes. . Some of these characters embody the classic tropes of the “shy library girl” anime, while other animated bookworms are totally different. Somehow, these characters are always known to keep literature close to their hearts.

ten Levy McGarden Has A Huge Library To Go Through (Fairy Tail)

Reading Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail

Levy McGarden is a support assistant in the prestigious Fairy Tail guild, and she has a good reputation for her sharp wit and love of reading. Levy loves spending time in the Guild Hall’s vast underground library, and she has helped Natsu and Lucy research all kinds of things inside.

Levy’s magical Solid Script style is a clear allusion to his love of literature, and Levy even has enchanted glasses that allow him to read at incredible speeds to search for something during battle. She sometimes lends spare readers to Lucy if she needs a little extra help.

9 Miyuki Shirogane Still Hits The Books (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

miyuki shirogane at the kaguya office

Student council president Miyuki Shirogane probably doesn’t envision a career as a librarian or author, but he still appreciates the power of non-fiction and study. He is sometimes seen with a small book in his hand, so he can study a little more between lessons.

Miyuki is a fanatic student, eagerly studying anything and everything to get perfect grades and maintain his good reputation in school. He’s not a library lover, but he respects literature a lot, and he’ll read anything if it helps him improve his grades … or if it gives him an idea on how to outsmart Kaguya Shinomiya. .

8 Wan Shi Tong has a massive library (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

wan shi tong avatar

Wan Shi Tong is a massive owl-like spirit who claims to know ten thousand things, and in traditional Chinese culture, “ten thousand” is a way of saying “everything”. Judging by the size of Wan Shi Tong’s library, this stern spirit really knows everything … except how radios work, from his conversation with Jinora.

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Wan Shi Tong takes great pride in his massive library, and he demands that all guests pay a toll not with money or blood, but with their own knowledge, like textbooks or scrolls. However, Wan Shi Tong noted that humans such as Admiral Zhao tend to use his library for war, and not for the good of the world.

7 Edward Elric is often looking for libraries (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Edward leans forward and frowns

Edward Elric is a state alchemist and he receives grants to be able to conduct his own research. Like Miyuki Shirogane, Ed tends to study not because it’s a hobby, but because it’s a good way to keep his mind sharp and prepare him for whatever awaits him. Ed has great respect for literature and scholars.

Edward tends to visit libraries in all the cities he visits, so he can continue to research the Philosopher’s Stone, history, transmutation circles, and other topics, and Alphonse usually follows suit. He also extensively studied Shou Tucker’s personal library and once complained that his hometown, Resembool, did not have its own library.

6 Tenya Iida has hundreds of volumes in her dorm (My Hero Academia)

tenya iida happy

Momo Yaoyrozu has the distinction of being the smartest student in Class 1-A, but even she doesn’t take books as seriously as her friend Tenya Iida. Tenya is also highly intelligent, as his glasses and disciplined demeanor suggest. And he has the books to prove it.

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Tenya showed off the dozens of hardcover books in her bedroom, neatly organized on some of the shelves. Ochaco was actually quite intimidated by this, but Tenya didn’t think it was a big deal, and he stated that he wanted to keep his mind sharp. And the books are the key.

5 Lieutenant Nanao Ise carries a huge book (bleach)

nanao ise with bleach

Lt. Nanao Ise belonged to Squad 8 for a time, serving under Captain Shunsui Kyoraku until they both moved to Squad 1 following Yamamoto’s death. Nanao just fades into the background, but if people behave badly, like Kyoraku, she’ll hit their fingers, pretty much literally.

Nanao doesn’t carry a zanpakuto, but she does have a thick book, which she usually slips under an arm or holds close to her chest. She’s not afraid to hit people with it, but otherwise she’s a studious and intelligent person who lets her papers do the talking.

4 Gorimi keeps the school library (Komi cannot communicate)

Gorimi is a minor character in the charming Slice-of-Life series Komi can’t communicate, and she appeared several times in the original manga. Gorimi is by far the tallest and strongest character on the show, and she completely reverses the “shy girl from the library” trope.

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Rather than being a shy wallflower, Gorimi is a stern, humorless character who will strike anyone in the head if they disturb the sacred silence of the school library. The rule of thumb is “three strikes and you’re out,” and Najimi has struck out more than once. Even Tadano and Komi felt Gorimi’s wrath and his love of the library.

3 Zenji Marui studies cooking all day (food wars!)

Many student leaders in the series Food wars! have their own style or gimmick, from gastronomy to spices and game, and Zenji Marui’s cooking style is based, above all, on books. His technique is average at best, but he has studied cooking more than almost all of Totsuki’s other students.

Zenji has studied pretty much everything about cooking and ingredients, and with this huge body of knowledge he can adjust his mind to any challenge and cook something to please the judges. Academically, Zenji has no blind spots.

2 Shigure Sohma reads and writes all kinds of things (fruit basket)

Shigure fruit basket

Shigure Sohma is known for a number of things, from the Zodiac Curse Dog of the Sohma family to being surprisingly astute and knowledgeable about politics and the family’s internal affairs. He is also very active in the literary world.

Shigure’s bedroom is packed with books and manuscripts, and he undoubtedly reads a lot to fuel his literary career and find inspiration. In a funny way, he has a tendency to piss off and annoy his poor editor, and Tohru Honda, the heroine, feels bad for her. This poor editor just wants to get Shigure’s manuscript on time.

1 Shiori Shinomiya is a classic librarian (the world only God knows)

shiori shinomiya world god knows

While Gorimi humorously subverts the “shy library girl” trope in Komi can’t communicate, Shiori Shinomiya embodies the classic trope, which made it a unique challenge for hero Keima Katsuragi. Keima must have charmed this girl and won her heart there in her literary field.

Shiori has some social anxiety and cannot easily conduct a conversation. So, she spends her free time at the school library and gets lost in literature, and she always feels relaxed when she connects to these books and their content. After Keima completed his quest with her and restored her soul, Shiori gained much needed confidence.

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